I love photographing male nudes. I love finding unique and provocative compositions by manipulating how light and shadow play off a man’s bare skin.

Today’s ease of sharing one’s own bare skin, whether through sexting, woofing, snapchatting or swiping, has made me appreciate even more those who can do so with a touch of creativity. Here’s a small selection of my random selfies throughout the years. Obviously some are more creative than others. But hey, sometimes all you really need is a well-framed dick pic to serve its intended purpose.

And now sometimes I just like to fuck around and be goofy :)

I’ve made a conscious decision to feature many of the models in compositions obscuring their faces for a number of reasons:

  1. To heighten the objectivity of the subject and their body;
  2. To emphasize the body and create a confrontation with the viewer by not giving them a traditional focal point;
  3. To preserve the model’s anonymity.


Mikel Marton: I first noticed Mikel back when he posted mostly self portraits under the guise of ‘toxicboy.’ His adorable face, erotic-yet-soft compositions and amazing body give him a unique place in the increasingly cluttered world of sensual male photography.

Andres Serrano: His ability to tackle social injustice, while fulfilling a viewer’s morbid curiosities is unparalleled. Not for the faint of heart.

Antonio Da Silva: “Antonio Da Silva is an award-winning Portuguese filmmaker based in London. His work crosses the borders between cinema, pornography and art while he is not afraid to break taboos and stereotypes.”

Luke Gilford: “Luke Gilford is a photographer and filmmaker from Santa Cryz, CA and currently based in Los Angeles. It was a 4 year long photography project documenting his friend’s gender transition that inspired Luke to start telling stories with films”

Julien-Stéphane, Exterface

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