Old house, new friend

Old, quite, and calm, the house in this series echoed the subject’s quiet desire to be explored in front of the camera.

Cloudburst Kid

Almost a lifetime ago, I met this boy who was so full of life and energy that to be near him was intoxicating.


Wet. Reserved. Vulnerable. The dust and artifacts remaining in these photos reflect the noise and imperfection that isn’t easily washed away.

In the shadows

Everyone has baggage. Occasionally a model will feel comfortable being photographed because they subconsciously hope that the photographer will capture a glimmer of what they have been so desperately trying to hide.

Limbs of a stranger

When a photographer inserts himself into a photo or two, does that translate into a greater sense of intimacy for the view?

Sunday evening

As summer was winding down and the days were growing shorter, an adorable gentleman invited me into his apartment to photograph the landscape of his beautiful, muscular body.

Drunken body painting

What does an ex-boyfriend with occasional benefits have in common with leftover tubes of acrylic paint and a twelve pack of lukewarm Bud Light? These pictures.